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13 Jul 2017

College Sports Scholarships: Crucial Information for Talented Athletes


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Posted By Michelle S.

If you are aiming to get one of the many athletic scholarships offered in various colleges, there are some important things that you need to know to aid you in your quest. One is that only a mere 3% of athletes in high school are able to qualify for sports scholarships at the college level. To help you to reach your goal of getting at least one of these worthy college sports scholarships, you will need to narrow the playing field by knowing these crucial facts.

It is not wise to spend all of your efforts on the big schools alone. While these institutions do offer a larger number of college athletic scholarships than smaller schools, it is advisable that you also look at the smaller ones because they offer grants, too. You want to find an athletic recruiting college that falls under the Division I and Division II ranking. If you look at institutions that fall into Division III and lower, many of these offer financial aid programs for athletes but not necessarily scholarships and grants.

You need to realize that the majority of the college sports scholarships pay for a part of your tuition, fees and boarding, not all of it. Many people carry the false belief that all athletic scholarships are full ride grants, but this is not the case. The predominant number of college athletic scholarships are partial grants, so most sports stars only get a portion of their college expenses paid. Only the top athletes in the nation receive the full ride scholarships.

Is also important to note that an athletic recruiting college does not award athletic scholarships for the full four year term. These sports scholarships are given on a year by year basis. Why? There are specific set limits at which you have to perform at annually. If you don't make the grades specified or you don't perform to the set standard for the sport you are playing, you will not receive the scholarship the next year. You will get a grant your first year but need to maintain the standards set forth for the grant in order to keep it for the next.

You need to remember, first and foremost, that student athletes are exactly that- students! People are falsely led to believe that if you are a great player, you don't necessarily have to have good grades, too. This can't be farther from the truth! Before recommendations are made by the coaches to the school for athletic recruiting purposes, they look at grade performance averages. Those who perform well in and out of the classroom are awarded the available money.

As we said before, smaller schools need sports stars just as much as the bigger schools that spend a lot of money on athletic recruiting. These smaller institutions do not have the large budget for athletic recruiting that the bigger ones do, but they don't overlook the applications of talented student athletes that need or want to take advantage of scholarships. If you aren't getting positive responses from the bigger schools, don't forget about the smaller colleges that also offer college sports scholarships.


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