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9 Jul 2017

Achieve Your Goals with a Degree from an Accredited Online University


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Posted By Alfred L.

The old adage knowledge is power may be true. But unfortunately, knowledge itself doesn't seem to be enough, it needs to be certified with a little piece of paper stamped with an official looking seal. Without a degree, which can now be earned from an accredited online university, to many employers your knowledge is worthless.

Today's competitive marketplace makes it difficult for even the most qualified individuals to get a job, and those who don't have a college degree, regardless of experience and ability, are at a dramatic disadvantage.

Full time education is not always an option for everyone, especially single or married parents who have to juggle sometimes multiple jobs to make ends meet, kids, and homework all at the same time. For these people, getting that degree is more desirable than anything, it's the ticket to freedom from poverty and debt, but seems about as possible as winning the lottery. Enter the accredited online university. All of a sudden, getting a degree could be a feasible option.

An online university offers all the benefits of full time education. The degrees and certificates are the same. A student has the option of completing any level of education he or she wants, completing associates to a doctorate degree. But an online university offers flexibility that a traditional full time day university could never accommodate.

Because all courses are online, a student of an online university can work on a degree at any time of the day or night, on a consistent schedule, or whenever he or she can spare an extra moment. Courses don't begin and end on certain days, and time limits for completing course work are much more lax and generous in an online university than they could possibly be at a traditional full time day university, making that degree more convenient.

Another limiting factor for many would-be college students is money. Earning a degree at a traditional full time day university costs thousands of dollars in tuition, fees and text books every year. For those who are struggling just to make ends meet from month to month, paying that much in tuition for two to four years is an insurmountable obstacle.

Again, this is a problem that an online university can help out with. Because online universities have little or no overhead costs, those savings are passed on to the students. Required text is often online, lowering book costs, and tuition itself is typically substantially lower than that of a traditional full time day university.

Earning a degree with an accredited online university is less difficult than it may seem. Many students are discouraged from trying by fears that courses will be too hard, or because they aren't extremely familiar with computers.

Don't let these concerns keep you from getting that life changing degree. Accredited online universities are designed to be easy to use and to assist, not impede your learning. If a college degree is your dream, but feels unreachable, look into the option of an online university. You'll be surprised how close a degree could be.


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