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5 Jul 2017

Your College Student Needs a Safe and Reliable Car


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Posted By Laurel H.

If you happen to live around Salt Lake City, Utah, then you know how many colleges that that area offers. In Salt Lake City there are a couple of outstanding universities including Westminster College and the University of Utah.

There is also Salt Lake Community College which happens to be a fabulous community college in the area as well. If you begin traveling south on the I-15, you will pass the Art Institute of Salt Lake which is home to many talented artists who are working towards getting a job in graphic design, fashion or art.

Traveling only a little ways farther, you get to Orem which is home to Utah Valley University, the newest university in the state as their status was changed just last year. In that same general area there is also Brigham Young University in Provo. What all of this means is that in Utah County, there are a lot of colleges and a lot more college students.

If you are a parent or a college student in this area, then you know that there are also a lot of college students terribly in need of a new car. Because there are so many college students in need of cars in this area, there are plenty of new and used car dealerships in the area to meet this high demand.If you are looking to buy your college student a nice used car, then look no further than Utah County.

Just drive through any of the major streets in Salt Lake, Orem or Provo, and you will find yourself with a plethora of choices and lots to choose from with prices that you cannot beat.

Buying a used car from a legitimate dealership ensures you that you are getting your college student a safe and reliable car that will last them throughout he rest of their college career. Most of these car dealerships only sell certified pre-owned vehicles, which means that you are getting a reliable vehicle for a very good price. A fascinating fact says that as soon as a brand new car is bought and driven off the lot, its value goes down drastically.

A lot of people will turn around and sell their practically new vehicles back to the dealership after only owning it for a couple of months. This means that you can get a practically new car for a fraction of the price of an actual new car.


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