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5 Jul 2017

Why Hiring a College Student is a Good Choice?


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Posted By Delbert T.

Many parents when it is time to decide to hire a tutor to help their child in school, often find that they want a professional tutor. When asked if they would choose a college student, 6 out of 10 parents say they would and the other 4 were hesitant. Parents should freely admit that you want the best possible tutor for your child but it should not matter who it is as long as they can help. At least that is the way it should be.

Hiring a college student is actually a smart move. The reason being that not too long ago they were in the shoes of your child, learning the same subjects and learning the same way as the children are learning right now. Kids will often relate better to someone around their own age. A child may also become more intimidated to learn with an adult rather than they would a college student. Visit your local College or University and ask around or check the local community or rec room for anyone who is advertising for work as a tutor.

College students don't cost a lot , in fact they will cost you less than an after school learning center. Some times money does happen to be an issue so it is something that parents have to consider. College students will have more experience working with the kids in the classroom than adults because they are still in the classrooms themselves.

High school students tend to be learning the subjects themselves still and they may not be the best choice for certain subjects. You want to hire a tutor who has completed the subject that your child needs help in. You don't want someone who has not passed the course yet to help your child unless they have gotten absolute straight A's from the start. The goal is to find a tutor that will help your child get the help they need.

Hiring a tutor can be challenging, college students also have the flexibility that some other tutors may not. College students will come to your home and work a certain amount of hours with your child every day or until you as a parent sees the improvement in their grades. Overall, that is what you want, you want someone who can relate to your child without sounding like a teacher.

Someone who can make learning fun and most of all you want results. College students can give that to you and to your child. Don't deny your child a great learning opportunity to learn from a student just because they are students themselves. Your child's education is what has to matter first and foremost.


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