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18 Jul 2017

Which Dorm Room Bedding Do I need?


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Posted By Jan R.

When you go away to college or university, it is probable that you will be staying in rented accommodation, maybe in a college dorm or in a guest-house. In these cases, normally all basic furniture is provided for you and in a guest-house, you may be given bedding every week as well, but you may have to provide your own. You have probably never purchased bedding before, if going away to university is the first time that you have lived away from home.

Bedding does not have to be expansive, but it is not wise to go for the cheapest sheets and blankets either. Exactly what you need will depend on the level of heating in the building and the location of the college.

It is worth giving some thought to colour. You might spend a lot of time in your room studying on your bed in your day clothes. If you are in a dry dusty place, that means that your top blanket or quilt could become dirty pretty quickly.

If you are dead set against laundering this blanket often, then get a darker colour, but that is not the perfect solution. It is better to be able to see the dirt and wash it off.

Therefore, it is better to get light coloured bedding and rather than mess about with sheets and blankets, it is easier to get a few of duvet covers and a duvet. If you buy a 6 tog duvet, it will be warm enough for the summer, and if it gets too cold in the winter, you can purchase another 6 tog duvet to slip in with it making a super warm, very fluffy 12 tog duvet that will be warm enough for any winter.

Another tip is to get matching duvet cover, sheet and pillow case sets, because if you are occupying a room with a room mate, you might end up doing your laundry together. Having clearly identifiable matching bedding makes it very easy to sort the laundry out when it comes back. It will forestall any arguments or confusion.

The last piece of information that you will need before you can go shopping for dorm room bedding is the size of the bed. It is more than probable that you will get a single bed which is sometimes confusingly called a twin bed.

However, even single beds come in different widths and lengths, usually 4', 4' 6" or 5' wide and 6' or 6' 6" long, but as you can see you cannot take the size for granted. You do not want a duvet or bottom sheet that is a foot too narrow, do you?

So, in summary, the ideal dorm room bedding ought to be the correct size for the bed. You ought to get two light-weight duvets and at least two sets of matching duvet covers, pillow cases and sheets and the duvet covers should be light in colour so as not to be depressing in a normally cramped college dorm room.


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